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To: Congress needs to look deeper into this issue and have some consideration.

Reconsider PUA BENEFITS!!

Reconsider PUA BENEFITS!!

Please have some consideration for the unemployed and have had our unemployment benefits cut off ! They're still a panda make this killing people. Our children are hungry ! help!

Why is this important?

To hear our voices heard ,our anguish ,desperation for this change!


2021-09-30 02:47:25 -0400

25 signatures reached

2021-09-25 02:45:01 -0400

Thanks for everybody that has been supported and has been signing this petition and also for extending the word with their friends and family members it's greatly appreciated please continue to support its very helpful thanks.

2021-09-23 02:45:49 -0400

Finally reached 10 signatures!
Please share with friends and family members.

2021-09-23 02:43:30 -0400

10 signatures reached