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To: Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, Speaker of the House Jason Wentworth

Remove Michigan Legislators Who Participated in the Deadly Insurrection and Racial Parity

Remove Michigan Legislators who participated in the deadly January 6, 2021 insurrection, on the US capital. They should resign, or have their employment terminated immediately. No one responsible for the planning and implementation of violence, attacking government employees, overturning democracy and death, should be supported by tax-payer dollars. This includes, but is not limited to removal from appointments, committees, and any other positions.

Why is this important?

We the undersigned citizens of Michigan, object to the double standard of "discipline", between white Republicans and black Democratic legislators. We support this petition to hold insurrectionist accountable.

HISTORY: Republican leaders claim their members who participated in the insurrection cannot be removed from committees, appointments or their jobs. This cannot happen. In December 2020, State Representative Cynthia A. Johnson, a black woman and Democrat, received thousands of death threats, including lynching, from Republican supporters just for speaking the truth. She was further attacked by Republican leaders, and "disciplined" for exercising her right to freely speak. She was removed from her committees, without due process.

Those culpable for violence, promoting anti-democratic fallacies and plans to overthrow our government, should not be on tax-payer payrolls. Representative Johnson, must be made whole and any adverse actions, past, present or future nullified.

How it will be delivered

We will deliver the petition, via email, requesting a meeting and other methods including, but not limited to, social media and regular mail.


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