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To: City Council, Roseville, CA

Roseville - Proclaim June as Pride Month

Roseville  - Proclaim June as Pride Month

The undersigned call on the Roseville City Council to proclaim the month of June as LGBTQ Pride month in the City of Roseville and fly the rainbow flag at City Hall during the month of June in perpetuity.

Why is this important?

Our nation was founded on the principle of equal rights for all people. Advancements have been made with respect to equitable treatment of LGBTQ persons throughout the nation. But the ideals of our founders have yet to be realized.

The City of Roseville has a diverse LGBTQ community which continues to struggle for inclusion especially in this time of extreme divisiveness.

The City of Roseville has a duty to:
* bring its residents together,
* to support one another,
* to show solidarity for all its citizens, and
* to invite everyone to reflect on ways we all can live and work together, committed to mutual respect and understanding, committed to supporting dignity and equity for all people in the community.

The City of Roseville can demonstrate its support for our city’s diversity and our LGBTQ community by flying the rainbow flag at City Hall during the month of June.

Reasons for signing

  • I, myself, am a queer woman. My oldest child is trans and my middle child is pan. I grew up here and we deserve recognition.
  • I’m a queer trans teen who has lived in Roseville my whole life and been threatened and harassed, I have a flag outside my house and I don’t see enough LGBT representation anywhere else.
  • I am a masc non-binary panromantic individual and I wanted to sign this petition in the hope this will make a difference and make being in the LGBTQ+ more acceptable and so that other people that maybe aren’t our or plan to come out feel safer and like it’s ok to be who they are. Everyone deserves to be seen and accepted by the world and see the flags that represent them especially during pride month without needing to go to a parade. Everyone deserves to feel safe, loved, and acknowledged.


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