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To: Governor Spencer Cox, Members of the Utah State Legislature & Utah State Board of Education (USBE)

Save Adult Roles

DO NOT CUT Adult Roles & Financial Literacy. DO NOT ELIMINATE the Career & Technical Education funding for this course. This MUST be retained in every CTE Pathway.

Why is this important?

The Utah State Office of Education is cutting Adult Roles & Financial Literacy as of Fall 2022. We CANNOT, we WILL NOT let this happen!
Adult Roles and Financial Lit. has long been the capstone class students take as they exit high school and begin their adult lives and careers. It has been THE course that prepares an individual with the personal, relationship, and financial skills to be successful in life and in ANY career. It IS personal and professional productivity. This course is a legacy in many high schools, and it is being taught to and empowering third and fourth generations in many families. When the Financial Literacy graduation requirement emerged in 2008, it was an unparalleled success. It is the one course where finance is embedded in relationships just as it is in life. Finance is behavioral. Research and data demonstrate that personal and family finance is more than crunching numbers. It is emotional and relational, and when taught in that context, efficacy skyrockets. It has been the shining star in Utah’s unique tradition of education. The Family and Consumer Science (FCS) teachers are uniquely educated and qualified to teach this content. FCS empowers individuals. FCS empowers families. ALL Utah students must continue to have access to this specialized and timely course. #saveadultroles
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