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Join Tammy J. in signing this petition.

To: Animal lovers across America, please sign to bring Maui the cat back home safely!!

Save Maui The Cat

Maui the cat is our 14-year-old sweet boy. He’s been a treasure for our family for nearly 11 years. He found us, and we loved and cared for Maui until a neighbor turned him into her vet and ultimately he ended up in a horrible situation.

He was scanned for a chip and to our bewilderment a woman by the name of Carol Holmes came up on the chip. By the time our family found out what happened and where he was, it was too late. He was in the wrong hands.

This is where it gets worse, while our family was fighting to get him back, Wake County Animal Control took him and put him under protective order. The poor cat has been there for almost two weeks and will have to be there longer unless an injunction is granted.

The decision of Wake County Animal Control legal counsel was made based on NC property law which states finders keepers unless the owner wants the animal back. That decision puts the 14-year-old animal through unnecessary emotional and physical duress. He needs to be returned to his family, where he feels safe, and will receive ongoing FIV veterinary care. The statues of limitations and almost 11 years of responsible ownership was ignored along with Maui’s welfare. He knows no other home but the Streight family’s.

Finders keepers unless the owner wants it is an outdated law and needs to be revised in order for Maui and other pets to be protected from animal abuse and exploitation.

Please hold the parties involved responsible for returning Maui home safe. It’s what’s best for the animal and what Maui would choose if he could speak. Being locked up in a cage for an extended period of time is cruel and inhumane.

Why is this important?

Please join us in the fight to bring Maui home safely. He is an old pet, and being in protective order for an extended period of time will take a toll on his health.

In addition, it’s illegal for him to be a pet in the state of Kansas given the circumstances that:
1) He is FIV symptomatic.
2) Kansas law states it’s illegal to infect any other inside cat with FIV by bringing him into a 4 cat household.

I will share it on the DL also we have been researching some stuff for you. They used to have a law in Kansas that makes it illegal to own FIV- or FELV-positive cats. Unfortunately, that is no longer the issue for FIV-positive cats. You are still not allowed to own a FELV-positive cat there. We did come across this information that might be useful.

K.A.R. 9-18-23. Transfer, movement, adoption, or other permanent relocation of feline immunodeficiency virus-positive cats.
(a) The transfer, movement, adoption, or other permanent relocation of any feline immunodeficiency virus- positive cat (FIV-positive cat) from a licensed animal shelter or rescue network to another licensed animal shelter or rescue network and to a foster home or a member of the public shall be allowed if a veterinarian who has a veterinary-client-patient relationship with the animal shelter or rescue network where the FIV-positive cat is currently located performs the following:
(1) Confirms that the FIV-positive cat to be transferred, moved, adopted, or otherwise permanently relocated is a nonsymptomatic FIV-positive cat; and
(2) provides a written statement to the animal shelter or rescue network and to the new owner or holder authorizing the transfer, movement, adoption, or other permanent relocation of the FIV-positive cat that states the symptoms, the risks, and the recommendations of how the cat should be housed to minimize the spread of the virus.
(b) All notifications and statements created under this regulation shall be maintained as a part of the recordkeeping requirements under K.A.R. 9-18-7.
(c) If the commissioner determines that the continued transfer, movement, adoption, or other permanent relocation of FIV-positive cats endangers the health of any other domestic animals, this regulation may be temporarily suspended by order of the commissioner. (Authorized by and implementing K.S.A. 2018 Supp. 47-610 and K.S.A. 47-1712; effective Dec. 20, 2019.)

He would be taken by animal control and euthanized.

How it will be delivered

Your signatures will be presented to Wake County district attorneys, prosecutors, local and state government and animal rights activists who have the power to grant an injunction in order to protect Maui against neglect and exploitation.



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The full story can be found here. Please note that the parties involved were not truthful in the article. In emails, last Monday evening, the family received a verbal agreement to obtain the cat back with 10 years worth of vet records. However, all that changed on Tuesday when they were told no and made to leave, accused of trespassing, and more.

This, with the facetious Good Morning America story that aired on August 19th , 2023 stating the pet was missing; despite being in the care of his family on that date. Maui was at home safe with his family. We have a picture with the time and date to prove it.

Slander and libel were used to influence officials to not return the animal to his family where he belongs.

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