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To: Christy Gleason

Save the Children: Support HR 2590 - Save kids in occupied Palestinian territories

Save the Children Action Network claims they advocate for children, and yet when explicitly requested to advocate for HR2590 they said no.

This is a plea to get Christy Gleason to support Bill H.R. 2590 against the ethnic cleansing and illegal occupation of the Palestinian people and their homes. Right now people living in Sheikh Jarrah, Palestine are being forcibly removed from their homes, leaving nearly 500 people at risk of homeless due to no other reason than the desire to ethnically cleanse the land of all Palestinians. They are being brutally beaten, with a 16 year old child, Saeed Odeh martyred yesterday at the hands of this illegal occupation. Tax payer dollars should NEVER go to supporting a genocide. I am asking you again to encourage the advocacy arm of Save the Children US to please advocate in support of Bill H.R. 2590.

Thank you.

Why is this important?

For the first time, there is legislation in Congress to ensure that no US tax dollars fund multiple human rights violations carried out by the Israeli government against Palestinians. We need you to take action today to ensure that your representative is on this bill.

The Palestinian Children and Families Act (H.R. 2590), introduced by Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN), states that the U.S. will not fund the Israeli government's imprisonment and torture of Palestinian children; theft and destruction of Palestinian homes and property; or any further annexation of Palestinian land.

This legislation couldn't come at a more critical moment. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed systemic injustices across the globe, intensifying the harms of state violence and discrimination - Israel is no exception. During the pandemic, the Israeli government has continued to imprison Palestinian children under a military court system, putting them in grave danger of contracting COVID and separating them from their families. Horrifyingly, at a time when we are all asked to stay at home, the Israeli government has actually increased the rate at which it is demolishing Palestinian homes.

Now is the time: The U.S. must stop funding the Israeli government's human rights abuses.

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2021-05-22 21:00:07 -0400

Alex Kane writes in The Intercept, “American organizations are taking advantage of so-called charitable designation to perpetrate violence on the ground and a situation of apartheid in the West Bank goes contrary to the basic principles laid out in the U.S. Tax Code.”

2021-05-20 20:17:17 -0400

Palestinian children are being killed disproportionately in the occupied Palestinian territories and the United States government is complicit.

When asked why we as an organization haven't made a statement in support of children, the response was that the topic is too political - it's not. The least we can do is that EVEN IF the US wants to continue to fund the violence in the occupied terrorities, that this does not go towards killing children.

Save the Children Action Network supports and advocates for other legislation that supports children, but why the double standard for Palestinian children? Israeli children are as a result affected as well. We need to put pressure on SCAN to stand by their mandate, and be consistent in their values and support HR 2590 along with further legislation that comes out. We cannot not be complicit in this carnage.

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