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To: CIty of San Juan Mayor Garza

Save the San Juan Hotel

The City of San Juan voted in January 2024 to demolish the San Juan Hotel. Tell the city to preserve the hotel, not demolish it. The original hotel structure was built in 1909. In 1919, it was replaced with the current structure and in 1983 it was refurbished and reopened. In 1986, the hotel was designated a state of Texas Historical landmark. The hotel is one of the most iconic buildings in San Juan and the Rio Grande Valley. the San Juan Hotel is a part of the collective memory of generations of San Juan and Valley residents. We should preserve history, not erase it. We call on the City of San Juan to conduct a feasibility study by someone that specializes in historical restoration and do whatever they can to preserve the hotel.

For additional information and to keep up to date on the issue follow the Save the San Juan Hotel Facebook page.

Why is this important?

We must restore and preserve the San Juan Hotel and be a model for the rest of the Valley to preserve our history.


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