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To: Senator Chris Murphy

Seeking Asylum is a Basic Human Right

Senator Chris Murphy is playing a key role in the negotiations over a spending bill where immigration is central. At risk is a system that has been in place for decades and served to protect vulnerable people fleeing violence and persecution.

As part of active budget negotiations, Senator Chris Murphy is considering changes to federal immigration law proposed by the GOP. He’s Chair of the Subcommittee for the Department of Homeland Security and in the unique position of bargaining away the potential for generations of asylum seekers to be granted safety- in exchange for passing a budget to increase payments to Ukraine and Israel.

We, the undersigned, want to PROTECT vulnerable migrants fleeing violence and persecution and allow for consideration for asylum.

Our asylum system was developed in response to a shameful chapter in our nation’s history during and after World War II when we turned away Jewish asylum seekers fleeing the Holocaust. The existing asylum system is incredibly rigorous – with high standards for each step of the process. At any point that an asylum request is denied- a person or family is denied reentry for years- sometimes being jailed for attempting to re-enter.

People seeking asylum should not be required to present their entire claim for asylum at an initial screening at the border because they have typically undergone long and arduous journeys to reach the United States. Many have fled with solely the clothes on their back and need time to gather the necessary evidence to prove their case. Some don’t even speak English- and need to consult with lawyers to prepare their claims. That is simply not feasible in the short timeframes involved with expedited removal and credible fear interviews, which typically happen within days of the individual arriving in the United States and while they are in custody. That is why congress created this screening process and set the standard at this level, which has been the norm for decades.

We urge Senator Murphy to PROTECT THE EXISTING ASYLUM LAWS enacted 75 years ago. Basic human rights are not negotiable. We cannot accept ADDING BARRIERS to step one of the asylum-seeking process. We urge Senator Murphy be our champion and fight for the rights of the marginalized and vulnerable.

Why is this important?

It can take YEARS to be granted asylum in the US- but it starts with an interview at entry. The "credible fear" interview occurs when a potential asylum seeker expresses why they are fleeing their home country. If granted, the person/family begins the process for consideration of asylum. It took one local family over 20 years for their asylum case. We should NOT be increasing the BARRIERS to consideration for asylum at stage one.




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