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To: Governor Ron DeSantis

Accept federal assistance to help Florida get vaccinated

Accept federal assistance to help Florida get vaccinated

Governor DeSantis has refused federal assistance for vaccine rollout in Florida. And according to the White House, Florida has subsequently only administered half of the vaccination doses available. Governor Ron DeSantis needs to do everything in his power to let Florida get vaccinated. His ongoing incompetence is a danger to the health and economic-wellbeing of Floridians. Additionally he is picking which communities get vaccines based upon a political agenda.

The Governor is refusing federal aid while demanding more vaccines. But the reality is that this governor cannot be trusted with the vaccines we have already been given: there has been little plan for distribution and the results have been disastrous, with the neglect of many frontline workers, seniors waiting in lines overnight to get a vaccine, websites going down, and hospitals unsure of when they are getting deliveries. We need to tell DeSantis to allow the federal government to do the work of helping the American people through these perilous times.

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Why is this important?

We need to get our lives back. We need a plan and a means to execute that plan that will ensure that as many people that want to get the vaccine can as soon as possible. Governor Ron DeSantis needs to accept federal assistance to help Florida get vaccinated.


2021-02-22 20:31:26 -0500

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Sadly DeSantis's malfeasance is continuing: and then there is his latest attempt to take away freedom of speech and our right to assemble peacefully.

We have a campaign to send an instant message to Florida legislators so if you are from Florida please take one minute and send an instant message: and we also have a petition going:

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