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To: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Stop Killing Animals

Stop Killing Animals

Cease and desist in euthanasia of animals in your care.

Why is this important?

You have local, regional and national communities including non-profit no kill shelters and experts with years of experience in the management of no-kill shelters willing to help manage the situation you believe you are in: needing to kill animals: especially dogs.
You are refusing to yield and let people and organizations step in and take these animals.
Volunteers, staff and community are experiencing leadership as indignant.
You are violating the mission and ethos of Brother Wolf. You have take nationally known organization and tainted it with no care as well as the community of Asheville, NC.
We want you to stop and legally allow non-profit no-kill shelter or specially trained individuals assume care of animals you deem not worthy of living with no legal responsibility on you once transfers are complete

Reasons for signing

  • Stop killing cats as well.
  • Animals have feelings and needless killings have to stop.
  • Those that kill innocent animals should get caught in those cruel jaw traps hunters use. Hunters that hunt for fun, not srvival should get their leg / foot caught in them too. Otherwise those traps should be banned


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