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To: Attorney General Kristen Kay Mayes and Governor Katie Hobbs

Stop the state of Arizona from price gouging

The state of Arizona has been illegally and unlawfully price gouging for years.this year alone there has already been over 30,000 evictions and this year isn't even over yet .there has already been hundreds of deaths from extreme heat strokes due to individuals being homeless here in the desert.they are merlely making money off of evictions .there are no reasonable prices to get a home, the state of Arizona requires you to make at least 3 times the amount of rent just to qualify for a home .which means if you are single you would have to have 3 jobs just to qualify for a home .this is illegal and unlawful . because there are no laws protecting people against illegal price gouging they are allowed to raise the prices to whatever they want which is a huge violation of everyone's constitutional rights of due process and a right to live .tell me how can anyone live if there are unrealistic and unreasonable prices to have a home .this is inhumane to the human species.this is also a violation of consumers rights .and leads me to only one conclusion .this is a conspiracy against the tax paying citizens here in the state of Arizona .where is the tax money going? Why are there no shelters or agencies helping with funding? These people pay taxes every day where is their money ? Why are they suffering to live ? I will tell you why ,it's because these politicians are pocketing their funds for themselves and leaving the tax paying citizens to die literally in the streets in severe weather advisories up to 112-117 degree weather. Arizona is a landlord friendly state which means they do not care about the residents when in reality without the residents there would not be a state at all .there needs to be justice once and for all and I will do everything in my power to make sure the citizens here in Arizona are safe from illegal and unlawful price gouging and illegal and unlawful practices under 42usc1983 color of law .this is a conspiracy against the American people here in the state of Arizona.there should be affordable housing including affordable move in fees for tax paying citizens here in arizona.there should be funding available for those who are facing eviction,there should be shelters available for those facing homelessness noone should be left outside in these hazardous weather conditions left to fend for themselves for that is a violation of everyone's constitutional rights of due process and a right to live .the cost of living should match the pay rate otherwise your literally paying just to end up homeless.this government is very corrupt and are clearly not for the people.there needs to be a law in place to protect each citizen and tax payer from illegal and unlawful price gouging .I am here today to continue standing up for those who are unable to speak up for themselves.and a change will be made .

Why is this important?

You should join in this campaign because you would be saving lives literally.every day someone is dying from heat strokes ,everyday someone is being evicted under false pretenses, everyday someone's constitutional rights are being violated.its time to stand tall and tell these corrupt politicians if they can't follow the constitution then they don't deserve to be in office.


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