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To: Mr. Robert Facchina

Support working families at Johanna Foods in Flemington, NJ!

Workers won a just contract at the bargaining table!

Members of UFCW Local 152 have bargained in good faith towards a successor union contract with Johanna Foods since February of 2023. After many months of negotiations the progress has slowed to a crawl due to Johanna's insistence on many troubling proposals including the following:

1). over reaching temporary worker language that undermines the job security of it's hard working union employees.

2). discriminatory proposals aimed at curtailing workers' rights to reasonable medical accommodations under the ADA.

3). health care proposals allowing Johanna to underfund medical insurance benefits for working families.

4). inferior wage proposals which do not adjust for inflation, address wage compression or provide wage increases consistent with industry standards.

We implore you to direct your Company's negotiating committee to make significant changes to your proposals and provide an equitable contract for the hard working families at Johanna Foods!

Why is this important?

Because stimulating economic equality and strong worker power helps all workers to win increases in pay, better benefits, and safer working conditions.


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