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To: Starbucks

Switch single use plastics to biodegradable plastics

Switch single use plastics to biodegradable plastics

I want Starbucks and other leading companies to switch their single use plastic to biodegradable plastic

Why is this important?

Biodegradable plastics have existed for years. My time working at both Starbucks and Coffee Bean showed me the amount one single store throws away in a day. My heart breaks for the landfills full of plastic, the animals and environment we destroy and ultimately ourselves. If Starbucks switches cups and straws alone to biodegradable plastics imagine how many lives we save. Banning straws did nothing and is ablist! Don’t be fooled by recycling! All the recycling would go into the same dumpster as the trash, and most places in the US say they recycle but it ends up in a landfill. STOP THE WASTE - CHANGE TO BIO DEGRADABLE PLASTICS NOW. Starbucks claims to be at the forefront of innovation, I believe if they make the switch others will follow suit!


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