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To: Your US Representative

Tell Congress: Protect Our Kids’ Freedom

The fight for trans rights is now federal. Congress has introduced the very first bill attacking transgender youth. Some Representatives are trying to ban trans kids from sports – and more bills pushing trans people out of public life are on the way.

Members of Congress are fighting back – and they need to hear from you. Tell your Representative to vote “NO” on all bills that attack transgender Americans.

Some members of Congress are trying to ban youth from school sports just because they’re transgender. But it’s not just about sports - this is the first of many attacks on the freedom of transgender people to be who they are. Politicians are pushing another bill taking away the right of young people and their families to get the healthcare they need. We must tell Congress that our government should not interfere with the care we receive, the curriculum our schools teach, or the freedom to be ourselves.

When kids have the freedom to play, they build stronger bonds with their friends, their schools, and their communities. Title IX requires schools to adopt inclusive policies to provide these opportunities for all students regardless of gender – including transgender students.

Send a message to your member of Congress now and call on them to protect trans rights by opposing H.R. 734.

Why is this important?

You can send a message to your Representative today! Do you know if your Representative supports trans rights? They need to hear from you no matter what:



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