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To: Governor Ron DeSantis

Tell Gov. Ron DeSantis to Immediately Fire Christina Pushaw

Tell Gov. Ron DeSantis to Immediately Fire Christina Pushaw

We the signers of this petition call on Governor Ron DeSantis to immediately remove Christina Pushaw from her position as the official spokesperson of his administration. Her irresponsible comments not only put the LGBTQ+ community at risk, but also endanger students, teachers, and all Floridians.

Why is this important?

First the Florida GOP described the “Don’t Say Gay” bill–HB 1557–as legislation that would protect parents’ rights in education. But now Governor DeSantis’ press secretary has exposed the real agenda behind this egregious bill. In a recent Twitter post, the governor’s spokesperson, Christina Pushaw, accused the bills’ opponents of being groomers of young children (aka pedophiles), going so far as to single out Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith, a legislator of the utmost integrity.

In earlier controversies, Pushaw called the Archbishop of Miami a liar, blamed Democrats for organizing a Nazi rally to hurt the governor, and harassed members of the media for reporting factual information.


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