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To: Governors of Florida, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Texas, any other states thinking of reopening or undergoing pressure to reopen too soon

Tell governors NOT to open irresponsibly or WE WON'T VISIT!

Tell governors NOT to open irresponsibly or WE WON'T VISIT!

DO NOT reopen irresponsibly without adequate and consistent testing and contact tracing for everyone!! Everyone must be SAFE FIRST, whether they are within your states, or coming to our states from your states!
We PLEDGE NOT TO VISIT any Florida beaches or attractions, or anywhere -- neither for tourism or business -- unless they are in responsible states.

Why is this important?

Covid-19 can spread so easily, AND WILL, and anyone can carry it anywhere. If states reopen without adequate testing and tracing for containment, outbreaks will occur all across the country as people move around again and contact others.
For those of us who have been so responsible and careful, the last thing we want is for other states and their policies, and residents and visitors, to jeopardize our own health and families AND further jeopardize health care workers. That is just WRONG! WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!


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