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To: The Green Valley Ranch Homeowners Association

ADD MY NAME: Say NO to HOA House Thieves!

To the Board Members of The Green Valley Ranch Homeowner's Association in Denver, CO.,

We demand an immediate end to all foreclosure procedures taking place by the Green Valley Ranch Homeowners Association (HOA).

Green Valley Ranch HOA has shown time and time again that they are willing to use predatory fines and aggressive foreclosures to punish their low-income residents and take away their homes.
Imagine losing your home because the HOA charged you $100 for stains on your pavement or $400 for dead tree — and then when you add HOA attorney fees you end up owning $6,000 or more. When you can’t pay -- the HOA forecloses on you and takes away your home. This nightmare was the reality for Jose and Lupita Mendoza at Green Valley Ranch HOA.

This is completely unfair to homeowners like the Mendozas who did nothing wrong but are forced to live under these rules by the homeowners association (HOA). But we CAN stop Green Valley Ranch HOA from foreclosing on the next family by speaking out today. Your signature will be added with thousands from The Redress Movement who are fighting to make sure Homeowners Associations across the country are operating fairly and justly.
Our Denver organizer Kevin will deliver these thousands of petitions directly to the Green Valley Ranch HOA leaders with dozens of community members demanding the immediate stop to unfair foreclosures. By showing that we have thousands of supporters in Colorado and across the country we know we can make sure homeowners like the Mendozas get the fairness and justice they deserve.

Why is this important?

Housing can be a particularly cruel method of racial oppression and Home Owner Associations (HOAs) are often the tool. Green Valley Ranch HOA -- and many other HOAs -- have far too much power over residents and are motivated entirely by profit, often on the backs of low income people of color looking for the American dream of owning their first home. HOAs should never restrict anybody's right to shelter. Nowhere is this more clear than in Denver at the Green Valley Ranch properties. We can stop Green Valley Ranch and other HOAs by joining together and making change on the local, state and national level.

The Redress Movement works in deep partnership with local communities to repair the harm caused by intentional policies to segregate communities and we do our work by educating, mobilizing, shifting the narrative, and winning redress victories. Our starting point is housing but we work in solidarity with others who are facing the facts of history, redressing harms of the past, and healing our nation by dismantling the barriers that divide us.



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