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To: Alan Jope, Unilever CEO

Tell Unilever: Let Ben & Jerry’s Respect Palestinian Lives

Ben & Jerry’s made the human rights-affirming decision to stop doing business in occupied Palestine, after years of local organizing and global campaigning. Now Unilever, their parent company, is trying to override Ben & Jerry’s decision. Tell Unilever to stop supporting human rights violations of Palestinians.

Why is this important?

Ben & Jerry’s is in court protecting their decision to stop selling ice cream in occupied Palestinian territories, after a betrayal by their parent company, Unilever.

To appease the Israeli government, Alan Jope, CEO at Unilever, authorized a backroom deal to sell the franchise to an Israeli company – essentially overriding Ben & Jerry’s decision.

Sign the petition: tell Unilever to stop its betrayal of Ben & Jerry’s and Palestinian human rights.

Ben & Jerry’s made the human rights-affirming decision in 2020 to stop doing business in occupied Palestine, following a decade of grassroots organizing and campaigning by Palestinians and allies across the globe.

In 2021, Ben & Jerry’s finally went public with their decision — after a particularly brutal Israeli military assault on Gaza which killed over 200 people — and during a huge surge of international support for Palestinian freedom.

Now, a year after Ben & Jerry’s public announcement, their parent company, Unilever, has made a backroom deal to sell ice cream operations to the Israeli licensee rather than honor Ben & Jerry’s decision to respect Palestinian lives.



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