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To: Alan Jope, Unilever CEO

Tell Unilever: Let Ben & Jerry’s Respect Palestinian Lives

Tell Unilever: Let Ben & Jerry’s Respect Palestinian Lives

Ben & Jerry’s made the human rights-affirming decision to stop doing business in occupied Palestine, after years of local organizing and global campaigning. Now Unilever, their parent company, is trying to override Ben & Jerry’s decision. Tell Unilever to stop supporting human rights violations of Palestinians.

Why is this important?

Ben & Jerry’s made the human rights-affirming decision last year to stop doing business in occupied Palestine, following many years of local grassroots organizing and global campaigning.

Now, a year after Ben & Jerry’s public announcement, their parent company, Unilever, has made a backroom deal to sell ice cream operations to the Israeli licensee rather than honor Ben & Jerry’s decision to get out of occupied Palestine and respect Palestinian lives.

Sign the petition: tell Unilever to stop its betrayal, and stop profiting from illegal settlements.

In a bold move, consistent with its founders’ values, Ben & Jerry’s has sued Unilever for essentially going against the company’s values.¹

Unilever isn’t the only corporation breaking international law and putting profit over human rights in occupied Palestine. The United Nations lists over 100 businesses that profit from Israel’s illegal and violent occupation.² Global human rights organizations, Amnesty and Human Rights Watch, have meticulously documented the harm and dispossession Israel’s settlements continue to bring to Palestinian communities.³⁴

The UN, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Israel’s B’tselem, and Palestine’s Al-Haq all call for corporations to stop doing business in the settlements and stop supporting the devastation of Palestinian lives. Let Unilever know it’s time to follow their lead, and respect Ben & Jerry’s decision.

Sign the petition to Unilever now.


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