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To: John Stankey, AT&T CEO

Tell AT&T to Stop Supporting Attacks on Democracy and Our Rights!

Tell AT&T to Stop Supporting Attacks on Democracy and Our Rights!

Stop funding politicians supporting anti-voter legislation across the country

1. Don’t fund federal or state politicians who have voted against pro-voter legislation like the Freedom to Vote Act: John R. Lewis Act or voted for legislation that makes it harder to vote.

2. Stop funding politicians who support legislation that criminalizes our rights makes it riskier for freedom of speech through non-violent protests.

We all bear a responsibility to protect our communities and ensure everyone has access to a fair and equitable democracy. That means stepping up to ensure that the norms and institutions at its core are not only protected, but strengthened. We all have a stake in the integrity of our democracy, regardless of our political differences. A healthy democracy is a precondition for a healthy environment. Elected leaders have a moral responsibility and a key role to play in upholding democratic practices and policies. Our movement demands true leaders who will not wreck our democracy by funding racist voter suppression — now.

Why is this important?

Over the past year, we've seen unprecedented attacks on democracy, including the ability of eligible voters – especially Black and Brown voters – to participate in elections and have their vote count. This must stop and companies need to step up and defend democracy.

Unfortunately, many companies that claim to support civic participation and racial justice – including AT&T – have practically done the opposite, standing by and passively supporting the same politicians who have launched these attacks.

- AT&T was one of the first companies[1] to break their commitment[2] to stop contributions to members of Congress who voted against certifying the 2020 election results.

- AT&T is a top corporate donor to politicians that sponsored laws making it harder for many voters to participate in elections, especially Black and Brown voters. In 2021, for example, AT&T gave Texas Gov. Greg Abbott 100,000[3] on the same day he called a special session to pass legislation that makes it harder for eligible voters to register and cast their vote.

- AT&T is also a top corporate contributor[4] to the sponsors of bills designed to intimidate and criminalize peaceful, non-violent forms of protest.

- AT&T needs to stop giving money to radical insurrectionists and do business in a manner consistent with its values. Actions speak louder than words and AT&T's actions often contradict the company's commitment to equal opportunity and racial justice. That cannot continue.

We call on AT&T and CEO John Stankey to stop supporting extremist politicians that are making it harder to vote and participate in our democracy.



How it will be delivered

We will deliver your signatures in person to AT&T in time for their Annual General Meeting (the annual meeting of shareholders) on May 19th.


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