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To: Governor Cuomo, Eric Gertler and the entire Empire State Development Corporation.

The Future Is Working Remotely- Help Incentivize NYC Corporations to Change

The Future Is Working Remotely- Help Incentivize NYC Corporations to Change

Incentivize corporations to implement remote/work from home structures for employees

Why is this important?

Skies are more clear. Smog no longer hangs over our highways like a haze. Life seems more balanced these days between life and family. Coffee at home tastes better. Road rage is no longer a problem. No longer must a commuter fear being struck by a drunk or intoxicated driver on their way to work. These are just a few reasons why working from home is the employment mantra of the future.

Additionally, working from home reduces costs to companies such as rent, space and other facilities and has been shown to increase productivity among employees. COVID-19 has forced traditional, corporate culture to rethink how to be more efficient and, in many cases, just survive. We are discovering that companies are more capable than they thought when they allow their employees to telecommute. Working from home has shown to improve morale, improve productivity and protect commuters from tragic accidents on the way to work. Employees also have more free time to devote to their families, and it forces them to reflect on what’s most important to them in their lives. Working remotely not only promotes a better work-life balance but also allows individuals more time and energy to put towards projects that moves society forward.


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