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To: Wear Moi CEO Christophe Ridet

Time To Embrace More Flesh-Toned Tights!

Time To Embrace More Flesh-Toned Tights!

There are not many options for different flesh-toned tights in the Wear Moi ballet tights section. Wear Moi should add more colors such as caramel, chestnut, dark suntan, light suntan, java, light tan, maple, porcelain, shortbread, and toasted almond to promote diversity in the ballet community.

Why is this important?

I am a young ballet dancer who has been dancing for about ten years. On stage and in competitions, I have seen a lot of people wearing pink tights even though it doesn't match their skin color and "breaks the line" of the dancer. Having a variety of skin tones in a large ballet wear company is very important, especially to increase diversity and make an inclusive ballet world.

Tell Wear Moi to publicly support having more colors for flesh-toned tights and add more in their store and their website online.


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