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To: The University of Florida: The Board of Trustees, President Fuchs, and Provost Glover

University of Florida: People Over Profit, End F2F

University of Florida: People Over Profit, End F2F

Until the the University of Florida meets our demands, the undersigned will be taking the following actions in protest:

- Halting any charitable alumni donations to UF or UF-associated foundations
- Boycott wearing any "Gator-Gear," including UF sports teams or any items with the UF insignias
- Boycott all UF sports teams, including ticket sales, streaming, and attendance
- Boycott PepsiCo products, including Gatorade brand beverages

Our Demands:

1. Stop in-person, face-to-face classes at the University of Florida immediately
2. Provide/ensure hazard pay for any employees required to work on campus
3. Approve all employee ADA accommodation requests
4. Remove the "tattle button" from the UF GatorSafe app
5. Stop all intimidation tactics against employees who disagree with spring semester format
6. Secure and distribute vaccinations to all employees before returning to an in-person semester format

Why is this important?

It is an embarrassment to the city of Gainesville, education professionals, UF alumni, and higher education that the nation’s #6 public university is fighting against basic human rights. UF's treatment of their employees is garnering national attention. The university has chosen profit over people, consistently refusing to listen to the protests of their employees.

In addition to creating an unsafe work environment, the University of Florida is violating workers' rights by refusing a majority of ADA accommodations. Furthermore, these policies are disproportionately affecting BIPOC and vulnerable community members.

Reasons for signing

  • Disappointed - in addition to the above protest points my husband and I are pulling our donations this year to UF and finding a different local entity to support.
  • Academic institutions ought to feel an obligation to act according to scientific understandings---especially when it comes to the safety of their own employees, which often translates into the safety of the whole local community.
  • I was denied a medical accommodations request, AND an appeal, as over a hundred other faculty and instructors who have asthma, are pregnant, are recovering from cancer, etc. It is inhumane.


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