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To: North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper and The North Carolina State Government

Unlock Police Body Camera Audio in North Carolina

Unlock Police Body Camera Audio in North Carolina

The government of North Carolina should mandate that all police body camera audio files be automatically transcribed and analyzed to create police performance metrics.

These metrics should focus on:

1. De-Escalation
2. Respectfulness
3. Eliminating Racial Bias
4. Early Warnings

To institute a system that encourages positive performance in community engagement, federal funding should be dependent on a minimum set of police performance metrics being achieved.

Why is this important?

North Carolina currently prohibits police agencies from releasing video footage captured by dash cameras or officer-worn body cameras, except when ordered by a judge.

If the video footage cannot be assessed in the eye of the public, the review and analysis of audio footage would be a deserving compromise.

There is simply too much data for a human to automatically review. However, this data contains valuable insights that can be used to generate police performance metrics. The technology exists for these files to be scanned and analyzed to make reviews and reports an efficient and effective process.

Wearing body cameras alone is not enough to instill trust in law enforcement transparency. The audio data needs to be analyzed through natural language processing that can identify the areas police departments need to improve to build community approval levels.

How it will be delivered

We will hand-deliver to the Office of the Governor of North Carolina and hold a recorded press conference.


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