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To: MCAS Director Wade Sadler, Interim Director Dept.Community Services Jamie Waltz, Interim Chief Operating Officer Peggy Brey, County Chair Deborah Kafoury

Urgent: MCAS, Oregon, retaliates to kill young dog despite a qualified and safe rescue option

Urgent:  MCAS, Oregon, retaliates to kill young dog despite a qualified and safe rescue option

That Blaze be permitted to live and help us advocate for a humane democratic shelter, one that does not kill arbitrarily when safe and humane options exist and partners with the community that pays its way.

Why is this important?

When the punishment does not fit the crime: Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) wastes money; wastes lives, and spends $22,620 to kill a young dog.

MCAS will immediately kill this young dog as soon as all legal deadlines end in mid-September. Protest this politically motivated action and support the rescue, adoption, and foster offers that have been made to allow him the life he has never had.

Blaze, a young American Pit bull impounded at 10 months of age, has been held in maximum security at Multnomah County Animal Services (MCAS) since May 19, 2017. Over 3 years have gone by. He is not a “dangerous dog.” Blaze has not caused a “serious physical injury.” He was never used as a weapon and has caused no one ‘s death. The bite incidents (2) that resulted his incarceration in 2017 were well within the range of incidents that occur throughout the community, were preventable, and situational, secondary to living in a chaotic multi occupant household. There is no need to kill him to keep society “safe.”

MCAS’s plans to kill him are retaliatory, driven by a need for absolute control and a commitment to the idea that killing is the best way of teaching a lesson to those with the courage to a challenge MCAS’s authority. The fundamental policy at MCAS is that that no one may ever question the validity of their decisions or offer alternative solutions.

The rejection of public input and inclusive thoughtful solutions began with a regime change five years ago when the newly hired director began to systematically re-write all policies to exclude all professional consultations, rescue and public input, once important parts of decision making. It was in fact a hostile takeover, unfettered by oversight targeting removal of the public from its own government. The immediate escalation in killing that followed has been covered up, disingenuously explained away way as “socially responsible,” when no data has been presented that the community is “safer” with more killing. Killing just requires less effort. The agency, not the homeless animals unfortunate to be there, is “unhealthy and untreatable.” No questions are asked by government. Complacency and collegiality trump fact finding every time.

The agency requirement that Blaze be killed when safe humane alternatives exist is a continuing pattern at Multnomah County Animal Services and is about vengeance, a revenge for which MCAS as of September 07, 2020 has willingly incurred boarding costs of $22,620.

Blaze’s exemplary behavior under stressful agency generated circumstances has been extraordinary. Nearly all of Blaze’s life has now been spent in solitary confinement where he is only permitted visits behind a kennel door without contact allowed for 15 minutes or less, with those closely supervised by an animal control officer. The goal to discourage visitors has succeeded. But despite the fact that nearly all of his life has been spent in solitary confinement, Blaze has survived. His daily kennel monitor reports document a cheerful welcoming behavior and efforts to seek out positive attention from other animals and people passing by the outside of his cell.

MCAS refuses to allow him to be evaluated by an expert professional with a diplomate in veterinary behavior medicine and rejects the opportunity to create a behavior plan and allow him to go to a 501(c)(3) placement partner as did previous administrations. This resort to autocratic rule is occurs because MCAS can simply run out the clock. MCAS’s deliberate refusal to acknowledge and respond to consultation and rescue offers from volunteers, community professionals, and rescues in all cases now is unconscionable. “Winning” by deliberately shutting out the community has led to increased killing throughout the county without any safety agenda served.

Please contact the listed responsible parties in charge of this agency where every democratic principle has been removed. Ask that Blaze be permitted to live and help us in this county advocate for a humane democratic shelter, one that does not kill arbitrarily when safe and humane options exist and partners with the community that pays its way. Documents available upon request.

Gail O’Connell-Babcock, PhD
Foster Pets NW
Citizens for Humane Animal Legislation/Watchdog

Contact list for responsible parties:

Wade Sadler, MCAS Director: Phone: (503) 988-6233; (503) 988-7387

Jamie Waltz: Interim Director Dept.Community Services: Phone: (503) 988-7968

Interim Chief Operating Officer Peggy Brey: Phone: (503) 988-2999.

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners

County Chair Deborah Kafoury: Phone: (503) 988-3308

Sharon Meieran, Commissioner District 1: Phone: (503) 988-5220

Susheela Jayapal, Commissioner District 2: Phone: (503) 988-5219

Jessica Vega Pederson, Commissioner District 3: Phone: (503) 988-5217

Lori Stegmann, Commissioner District 4: Phone: (503) 988-5213

Reasons for signing

  • This is an innocent Life. And if you take it you are committing 1st degree murder
  • This agency has never wanted to accept phone calls over the death of many animals that could have been saved, as there were professionals, animal refuges and individuals willing to help. After 15 years of attempting to ask questions, I take this as an opportunity to voice my opinion. There are not 10 months old puppies that are malicious, I say this with confidence. I been rescuing dogs for decades. I say to this county agency, paid by taxpayers: Don't lie to us.
  • It`s against my pricipal to kill healthy and non aggresive animals.


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