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To: President Joe Biden

Vaccines for Central America (reparations Covid deportations)

This is a petition to President Biden to send Covid vaccines to Central America.
Guatemalan President Giammattei closed the Guatemalan borders early.
Then, the U.S. deported hundreds? thousands? of Guatemalans back home after they had likely gotten Covid in detention facilities, knowing that Guatemala didn't have the resources to deal with a major outbreak.
So, the U.S. has blood on its hands for this mess.

Why is this important?

A nonprofit organization, COVAX, will help with distribution of more than 800,000 of the Astra Zeneca Covid vaccines to the Guatemalan government. These 800,000 vaccines will give priority to vaccinating healthcare workers. However, these 800,000 doses will only be enough to vaccinate approximately 2% of the Guatemalan population, given that two doses are required. Moreover, the efficacy of this vaccine after the 2nd dose is only 70%, which is a much lower efficacy than those vaccines being given in the U.S. Most of the population of Guatemala cannot expect to receive vaccines until at least the end of 2022.


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