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To: Prince George's County Council

We can't let politics decide district lines!

Councilmember Derrick Leon Davis surprised his colleagues by introducing a brand new County Council map. This map had not been seen by many of his colleagues, let alone the general public. It also differed significantly from the draft maps created with public input by the Prince George's County Redistricting Commission.

During the meeting, Councilmember Davis refused to answer questions or explain these unnecessary changes. Councilmembers Ivey, Dernoga, Anderson-Walker, & Glaros voted AGAINST the new redistricting map which disenfranchises thousands of Black and Brown voters throughout the county.
This surprise redistricting, which passed by only one vote, divides municipalities into multiple districts, and this harms the influence of Black and Brown voters in the electoral process. The lines are not defined by natural boundaries such as municipalities or major roads. This new Redistricting map has also disqualified multiple potential candidates for the County Council in the upcoming election cycle.

Why is this important?

Our organization believes in accountability, transparency, and Voter protection- this surprise redistricting map violates those principles to the utmost extent. We believe that the County Council should follow the recommendations of the maps submitted by the Prince George's Redistricting Commission, ensuring that redistricting serves the community, not elected officials.


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