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To: President Donald Trump



The advice of the medical community and epidemiologists must be the sole criteria in determining the optimum time for relaxing the stringent preventative measures that have, rightfully so, been put in place. Suggesting all will be good by Easter is dangerous and negligent. The controls will be doomed to failure if we stop too soon. PRESIDENT TRUMP, WE IMPLORE YOU RESIST THE PRESSURE TO REMOVE THE CONTROLS NOW IN PLACE, AND TO HEED THE ADVICE OF THE MEDICAL EXPERTS AND KEEP CONTROLS IN PLACE FOR THE TIME BEING.

Why is this important?

The spread of Covid 19 is still rising at an ever increasing pace across the country. We are nowhere near the peak of this outbreak. Prematurely removing the controls now in place will be disastrous and result in a far greater spread of the desease, with far greater numbers of deaths. And that will have an even greater negative impact on the economy as well. PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. THANK YOU.

Reasons for signing

  • FDA, WHO, CDC, Republicans, Green Party member, Libertarians, Independents, and everyone else, stop listening to the compulsive liar and wannabe dictator, Trump about the Coronavirus! We need find a safe treatment like Avigan, Atazanavir, Atovaquone, Moexipril, Metamizole, Bepostine, Rosuvastatin, Haloperidol, Metformin, Tideglusib, Disulfiram, Camofur, Ebselen, and N3!
  • Mr President (and others concerned) it is important to take medical precautions solemnly.
  • We MUST listen to the scientists and doctors!!! NOT TRUMP who cannot even read or exercise any measure of critical thinking.


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