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To: PGCPS Board of Education School Board Chair and Vice Chair

We want democracy NOW!

We won!

We want democracy NOW!

We demand that the Chair and Vice-Chair add the following items to the agenda for the Thursday, Feb 25th Meeting.

1. Public Comment- Stop silencing the voices of the public.
2. School Reopening- The role of the board is to provide oversight to the
school system. How will that happen if the board is not even going to
hear the Reopening plan?
3. Reimagining Safety- The board is poised to adopt several
recommendations from advocates and the county’s Police Reform Work
4. Group to make our schools safe, and work to dismantle the school-to-
prison pipeline.
5. Equity Hubs- Virtual Learning is not working for our most vulnerable
students. We want equity hubs like every other county in Maryland for
our students!
6. Legislative Advocacy - Our policy committee has recommended several
positions for the Board to take on state bills that directly impact our
students and families.
7. Climate Action Change
8. Literacy Work Group

Why is this important?

As tax-paying residents of Prince George’s County, we want our Board of Education to function in the interest of its parents, students, and community members.


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