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To: Facebook and WhatsApp

WhatsApp is enabling anti-Palestinian mob violence. It MUST stop.

The New York Times just reported WhatsApp is being used to organize mob violence against Palestinians and it’s not clear that Facebook (WhatsApp’s owner) is doing anything about it.

Violent mobs have formed more than 100 groups on the platform with names like “Death to Arabs” where they’re asking which Arab businesses to target, sharing instructions on how to make bombs and organizing violence against Palestinians.

We demand that you stop enabling this violence.

Why is this important?

This was preventable. Facebook has willfully enabled anti-Muslim violence and genocide around the world—including Myanmar, India, Australia, Sri Lanka and more. Today, it's the Palestinians who are targeted.

Will you sign this petition to Facebook right now and demand that they stop this violence from taking place. They have enabled so much death against vulnerable communities, it must stop.


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