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To: Support Project 1/5 to get Our People out of Afghanistan.

39 USMC interpreters abandoned by US govt, left in Afghanistan show your support to save them!

For 20 years Afghans stood beside us and our veterans. Our Exit of Afghanistan is the summation of 20 years of poor process and decision making. This is not a political issue this is a human issue. Afghans served along side us for years. Today, right now, after years of waiting- for us to keep our promise- they are abandoned. They have no US govt. support, no embassy and are looking to private citizens for help.

These brave interpreters completed the steps, trusted and were waiting on the State Department to grant an interview only to have this hope burnt down within days.

We the US burned their last hope down literally.

Currently we have over 200 people who have SIV Ready/ Green cards and LPRS waiting to hear from the DOS.

Specifically, 39 of these people are SIV Pending and or qualify for Humanitarian Parole.

Today you can help support our people and our veterans by imploring both sides of the political spectrum to keep our promise and heal the wounds of this war for our veterans and our Afghan allies.

Currently, for a person to apply for Humanitarian parole, every member has to pay a $575 processing fee even if you are 2 weeks old like some of the cases we have.

Why is this important?

Today you can advocate for them by signing this petition stating you support project 1/5 in getting our interpreters and their families out of Afghanistan safely. Signing this petition shows the support we the American people have for our interpreters who served with our USMC. This petition acts as a measure to show we will support them in their process for safe exit and leagal exit through humanitarian parole or SIV recommendation, sharing with your friends and working with groups like to help offset the cost of these this astronomical fee.
Being free from the Taliban should be equitable. Help us get our people back with to us safely.
These people are our people. They were left there to be slaughtered despite their best efforts to leave on the US GOVT. processing terms. This is unacceptable.

This is not only about doing what is right but it is fighting for human rights, woman's rights and supporting our veterans and their families that stood beside them.

Tell your local congressmen to support the quick processing of those who qualify for entry into the United States and to allow private entities who are helping keep them safe to be allowed to bring them back to us.

Our interviews and stories are posted on the website for more information.

The costs are rising as the situation in Afghanistan continues to escalate.

How it will be delivered

We stand with the Afghan Allies, We stand with the USMC. We are dedicated to deliver these signatures in person to the people who can make a difference.



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One Interpreters shares his experience see the full video on Alliedextract fb page.

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