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To: Executive Producers Jeff Probst, Matt VanWagenen, Mark Burnett, ViacomCBS, MGM Television, Survivor Production LLC, and Castaway Television Productions LLC

A Petition for Anti-Racism Action by Survivor Entertainment Group

The executive producers of one of the most popular and influential reality television shows in history should commit to featuring Black, Indigenous, People of Color (“BIPOC”) in their full breadth and depth. SURVIVOR should reflect and honor the racial diversity of our society--both in front of and behind the camera. With this petition, we call on the executive producers of this show to use their influence within ViacomCBS, MGM Television, Survivor Production LLC, Castaway Production LLC and all others involved in the making of this great show and take the following actions to combat systemic racism:

1. Cast BIPOC for at least 30% of contestants each season hereafter.

2. Give BIPOC equitable screen time and opportunities to participate in marketing and promotional events (e.g., finale invitations, hosting jobs).

3. Actively support BIPOC cast, including providing mental health resources specifically geared to helping them navigate the Survivor experience as BIPOC.

4. Equitably compensate and hire more BIPOC in all parts of production: casting, filming, editing, and promoting.

5. Publicly pledge to vet contestants more thoroughly to ensure those who have promoted prejudices (e.g., ableism, racism, sexism, white supremacy, religious intolerance, homophobia, transphobia) are not cast.

6. Condemn racist abuse directed towards BIPOC contestants, announce and enforce a “zero tolerance” policy towards racism.

7. Commit to providing resources to help viewers learn more about BIPOC stories and organizations supporting BIPOC causes.

8. Feature BIPOC contestants, including their experiences as BIPOC, on the show as storylines, should the contestants share them in the context of their game.

9. Ensure that cultural elements of the experiences of BIPOC are not exploited and their portrayal does not perpetuate harmful stereotypes.

10. Issue a public statement acknowledging systemic racism within the franchise and offer a clear plan for demonstrable anti-racism efforts moving forward.

In signing this petition I also agree to hold myself to the same standard. I pledge to commit to anti-racism in how I consume and interact with the Survivor franchise. By signing this petition, I promise to:

1. Show zero tolerance for racism--online, offline, everywhere.

2. Support BIPOC contestants by speaking up when I perceive they are being treated unfairly due to their racial identity by Survivor, fellow castmates, or viewers.

3. Listen thoughtfully to BIPOC contestants about their experiences and their suggestions for how to best support them.

4. Appreciate that producers, in part, base their decisions on our feedback and whom we choose to support.

5. Recognize that anti-racism is an ongoing effort that requires continuous self-education and action.

Why is this important?

Survivor has produced 40 successful seasons over 20 years by telling the stories of people who represent a wide array of human experience within the context of a game of social strategy, physical challenges, and survival. Representation matters. One of the most important ways we can embrace our diversity and evolve is to represent that diversity responsibly, equitably and fully. A commitment to the afore-mentioned actions would have a huge impact and move us toward a more fair, just, and equitable society.

How it will be delivered

Via email to listed parties POC J'Tia Hart on behalf of The Soul Survivors Organization

Reasons for signing

  • Survivor is full of great storytelling, but as a white man, I increasingly see how it tells MY story. I want Survivor to tell more stories. It needs more than a token minority, and to do better than to cast/portray those racial minorities as a stereotype. Survivor is great- but it can do so much better. Do better with race, gender, sexuality, and otherwise. And start with production and decision makers, because they're going to help inform the way minorities are cast and portrayed going forward.
  • I love survivor, but looking back at past episodes, I'm shocked by the blatant level of racist and sexist stereotypes. At the same time, survivor had told important stories of people of all walks of life. I suspect it's a matter of more perspectives behind the cameras and not a lack of will to do better when you know better.
  • I began watching survivor over the last year while recovering from cancer treatment and surgery. I’ve watched nearly all of the seasons now, & an undeniable pattern is racism in how contestants are portrayed, how decisions are made about who to vote off, & the way some white contestants talk about BIPOC contestants. It’s a reflection of our society that’s intensified by the dynamics of the show. Failing to address this issue over so many years is inexcusable. Survivor can do better.


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