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To: Judicial Conference

Televise Trump's Criminal Trials

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash
We the people of the United States urge you to approve having the trials of Donald Trump televised. We feel this is necessary to give all of us the opportunity to see how our justice system works and to combat the many rumors and conspiracy theories that will be rampant during the trials.

We the people of the United States have every right to view this historic event, and we deserve full transparency into the trials and to be presented with the facts and evidence in real time to avoid any distortion from Trump and his allies.

Why is this important?

Donald Trump and his cronies spread endless lies and misinformation following the 2020 election, which led to the deadly insurrection on January 6. Trump stopped at nothing to try to overturn the 2020 election results and overthrow our government. He is dangerous. He will keep lying to hold on to power, which is why it is important that we, the public, get the transparency that we deserve.

Sign this petition to call on the Judicial Conference to approve televising the trials of Donald Trump. Doing so will give all of us the opportunity to see how justice works in our country and can go a long way toward combating the rampant rumors and conspiracy theories that would otherwise be flooding the airwaves and internet.

Donald Trump and his allies will attempt to call these trials politically motivated or an abuse of power, but the American people deserve to hear the truth in court themselves.

Once again, we urge you to approve televising these historic trials.


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