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To: The Housing Authority County of San Bernardino, John Stewert Co, Veterans Village of Loma Linda, and HUD Housing

Attention Veterans with Families living in Project based Housing

Attention Veterans with Families living in Project based Housing

Enforce A Policy for Veterans Families who's head of household has passed away, and tell the truth to Veterans living in Project Based and Sections 8 housing; Tell our Veterans that this is not Permanent Housing for Veterans and their families. Upon death a Veteran's family and or Spouse will be evicted from their home and will no longer be able to continue living in project based housing if the Veteran passes away. Take Accountability in mishandling applicants documents and failure to process applications within a reasonable amount of time.

Why is this important?

I lost my dad on October 14 2020, he was a Veteran we lived at Veterans Village in Loma Linda, Ca for the past year plus. I am currently being evicted because my dad died and I am now considered "an unauthorized occupant who has only been here since her dad died". This is how they treat the families of our Veterans, they have lied and kicked our Veterans families out to the street. The fate and future of our Veteran families lies in the hands of the Housing Authority / HACSB and is upon their discretion as to what happens to our Veterans families? Think about that for a second.... I wish for no other family to have to endure what I have had to go through since loosing my dad. I'm advocating for my dad Joe Walker and for all our Veterans and their families. Please help me by signing this petition so that our Veteran's family's will not be thrown out to the streets and help me to enforce awareness and enforce a policy to protect and give security to our Veterans loved ones once they are gone. Take a stand and help our Veterans families sign and share this petition.
Thank You and God Bless


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2021-03-08 16:13:47 -0500

UPDATE: There is a meeting tomorrow with the Housing Authority Board of Commissioner's @ 3 pm open to the Public

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