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To: Sarasota School Board, State Representative Fiona McFarland, State Senator Joe Gruters, Governor Ron DeSantis

Bridget Ziegler Must Resign or be removed by Gov. DeSantis from Sarasota School Board!

In light of recent revelations about Sarasota School Board member Bridget Ziegler and her husband’s alleged sexual escapades and an ongoing criminal investigation of sexual assault by her husband, in the best interests of our school district, Ms. Ziegler needs to resign immediately or be removed by Governor DeSantis from her position as a member of the Sarasota School Board. It is a major distraction from the serious work of the School Board and the Sarasota School District in ensuring the quality education of “every student, every day.”

Why is this important?

Ms. Ziegler was a founder of Moms for Liberty and promoted chilling legislation against the LGBTQ+ community and false narratives about so-called “grooming” of children in public schools. Her hypocrisy is stunning. This drama is too much of a distraction in the current operation of our school district and in the best interests of our students, parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and fellow board members, she needs to resign post haste or be removed from office.


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