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To: Fox News

Cancel Tucker Carlson's show

After the disgusting segment lionizing a domestic terrorist that shot two innocent protestors in Kenosha, we are calling for Tucker Carlson to have his show cancelled. Kyle Rittenhouse is not a hero, by praising him he has attempted to incite millions of viewers to racist violence. This is unacceptable. We call for the cancellation of his show. This cannot be normalized

Why is this important?

Inciting violence on a national stage is dangerous for America

Reasons for signing

  • Fox News, including Tucker Carlson's show, are tabloid entertainment and propaganda, not news. They should be legally obligated to rebrand and/or cease to call themselves what they aren't.
  • I sighned because, Fox news has come right out and said Tucker Carlson is not to be believed! And they can't imagine who would, but yet people do! His show is propaganda for the extreme far right.and thus is dangerous!
  • This vaccuum of morality is perpetuating the same toxic garbage that has cost lives. He should be in jail, not spewing his lies on cable.


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