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Child Care Stabilization Grant - Equal Funds For ALL!

The current child care grant structure is inequitable. Larger centers receive much less money per child. Additionally, each center will receive a workforce allotment for pay raises, bonuses, added benefits, and recruitment funds that will go directly to teachers. However, the state has decided to cap the amount for any center with a capacity that serves 67 children or more. 55% of child care workers teach in centers licensed for 67 or more children, meaning the majority of the workforce is inequitably valued as essential workers during the pandemic.

Every child care facility, large or small, should receive the same amount for every child and every teacher.

Under the current plan, on the low end, a family home center licensed for 12 kids is receiving on average $24,000, which amounts to $2,000 per child. A center licensed for a capacity of less than 50 children will also receive an average of $24,000 yet that equates to only approximately $490 per child. A child care center with capacity of 200 children will receive only $450 per child, based on the conservative average amount of $90,000. We are not requesting that family home centers receive less, we are requesting that centers, regardless of their size, receive the same amount PER CHILD. That is a fair distribution of the federal monies.

Why is this important?

All child care workers are among our communities’ most valuable assets. They should, and must, be recognized equally for the herculean task of caring for children during the pandemic. Every child care slot has equal value in moving our economy forward. Larger providers should not be penalized because they are meeting the charge to open their doors to more children and families. The DCYF draft literature makes it clear that funds are available are for stabilizing child care businesses. An equitable distribution of all funds available will stabilize both small and large sites.


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