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To: Ron Wyden

Convert empty offices into affordable housing for the homeless

Photo by CHUTTERSNAP on Unsplash

There are a lot of empty offices around the Portland Metro area. Remote work has replaced the need for these now empty spaces.
It shouldn't take much time, money and effort to convert these empty spaces into affordable living accommodations. Especially for our growing homeless issue.
Plus, new jobs would be created not only due to the conversion process of these buildings but also by adding counseling, supervisory and rehab workers to assist these homeless citizens transition to housed status.
It's a win-win proposal.

Why is this important?

These vulnerable citizens - the homeless - are our brothers, sisters, cousins and more. How we treat them is a reflection of who we are. How can anyone stand by and do nothing?
More, if you want to see this growing population shrink. If you want the tent towns and dilapidated vehicles to go away...these people need somewhere to go. Providing permanent housing will reduce the 'unsightly' camps. More, it has been proven in multiple countries around the world that giving someone a permanent roof over their heads often leads to a reduction in addictive behaviors, increase in capable workers joining the work force and a return to a healthier lifestyle.
If you want to fix the problem of homelessness, then provide homes. And the support needed to keep them under their own roofs.


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