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To: Southern Poverty Law Center/ Facebook

Declassify The Proud Boys

Declassify The Proud Boys

Declassify The Proud Boys as a Hate group or any other type of "Alt-Right" extremists

Why is this important?

The Proud boys are in no way, shape or form a hate group! PB's are a men's club full of Proud Patriots that are often the only thing standing between us and Domestic terrorists like Antifa. The Proud Boys have been slandered by the left for political gain, even going as far as calling them White supremacists! The Chairman of the PB's is a cuban gentleman by the name of Enrique Torrio (NOT WHITE) The left needs to understand that it is not okay to slander people just for having different beliefs than they do! On every platform and even in the streets conservatives are being shunned and censored. This is the U.S we have freedom of speech & expression in this Country. We need to STOP the Over censorship of people with Right leaning beliefs and get our Boys the recognition they deserve, this is an important first step!

Reasons for signing

  • The proud boys are a Domestic Terrorist Group! A new form of the KKK!


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