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To: The Biden Administration

Don’t let right-wing extremists stop you! Enact your backup plan to provide student debt relief!

Corrupt, Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices shamefully ripped President Biden’s student loan relief away from 40 million Americans.

This decision means that tens of millions of borrowers are now left without a lifeline, especially with student loan repayments restarting again on August 31.

But this is not the end! President Biden has since responded to these attacks, authorizing use of the Higher Education Act. Using this authority, the Department of Education can provide debt cancellation for borrowers we already know qualify AND create a new relief program through its rule-making process.

We just have to get loud to make sure that Biden upholds his promises to cancel student debt as soon as possible!

Why is this important?

Time and time again, the far-right majority of the Supreme Court puts special interests and politics ahead of people and above delivering justice under the law.

But we will not be silenced. Millions have had to wait in economic limbo for nearly a year—we will not accept a return to the failed status quo. It’s up to President Biden and his administration to ensure we finally receive promised relief another way.

Student debt fuels economic, gender, and racial inequality. Our persistent racial wealth gap means that students of color, especially those who are Black and brown, are more likely to have student debt, borrow in higher quantities, and face more struggles in repayment.

A higher education should be the key to a better future, instead of a lifetime debt sentence that limits borrowers’ ability to buy homes, start small businesses, and save for retirement, cutting into opportunities for wealth-building over their lifetimes. This is why student loan cancellation is so important.

Republicans and Republican-appointed Supreme Court justices cannot have the last word. We won’t let them win. We have to push back and be in solidarity with each other.

Together, we can keep getting loud to show the Biden administration that we need them to use every single tool in their toolbox to give millions of Americans the relief they need.



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