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MoveOn believes the public should follow the CDC's mask and vaccine guidance, including in schools, workplaces, and health care settings to protect public health and the economy.

To: Governor Abbot of Texas

Don't open salons too soon!

Don't open salons too soon!

Keep salons closed until the pandemic is under control and Texas has been free of new cases for at least two weeks.

Why is this important?

There are a lot of petitions going around asking you to let hair stylists, barbers, nail technicians, aestheticians, massage therapists, etc. go back to work. Even though they are suggesting using sanitation and proper cdc guidelines, this is in no way possible. Please understand we are touching everyone that walks in the door. Even if we limit it to one client at a time per service provider we are still putting ourselves and everyone that walks in at risk. Are aesthetics essential enough? It’s a NO from me!


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