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To: President Biden

Expand the Supreme Court

At this time the Supreme Court is very slanted to the political right, favoring conservative laws and policies that threaten the freedoms and rights of women, minorities, the poor, sick and underprivileged. To best address the concerns and needs of these people, and to give them the justice they deserve, the Supreme Court must be objective, impartial, open minded and politically neutral. This condition can be realized and maintained only by adding to the Court six young, liberal justices to counterbalance those who constitute the present, conservative majority on the Court. The only way the liberal justices can be added is through appointment by the President of the United States with the favoring vote of a Democratic Congress. At the present time, the political conditions are right for this to occur and may not exist again for years. Therefore, it is imperative that every American of voting age contact President Joe Biden and respectfully demand that he submit these appointments to Congress immediately. There is no national priority more urgent than this. When all else fails, it rests with the Supreme Court to interpret and judge cases and laws that will determine the fate and well being of millions of Americans for the rest of their lives.

Why is this important?

New state laws restricting voter access, and gerrymandered districts both suppress voting and threaten democracy.

Overly restrictive abortion laws make access to abortions unjustifiably difficult, threatening women’s right of choice.

Overpriced drugs and medications and the inability to reduce their prices through government negotiations, together with other medical services, maintain a severe financial burden for millions of Americans.

Tax loopholes and havens inaccessible to all but the very rich allow the wealthy to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. This places an unfair burden and financial hardship on the poor and middle classes as they are forced to pay in taxes what the rich should be paying.

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