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To: Schoharie and Otsego County Residents harmed by Dr. Sliverman

Expose Dr. Steven Silverman's Misconduct

Expose Dr. Steven Silverman's Misconduct

If you or someone you know has had their family destroyed by the infamous Dr. Silverman's unprofessional conduct and resulting falsified reports, sign the petition to join the effort to have his license to practice psychology revoked for good! Dr. Silverman was penalized by the Regent's Board in 1999 for unprofessional conduct of "willfully intimidating a patient". If you or someone you know has experienced the interrogation tactics of this fraud, please reach out to us on Facebook or on the web to Wings of Mercy Parent Advocacy and let us help you get justice for your family!

A) Dr. Steven Silverman is a renegade psychologist, alleged to be guilty of having willfully intimidated, demeaned and coerced patients during court-ordered and voluntary evaluations conducted as a Psychologist employed by the Schoharie County Department of Social Services to abuse the doctrine of Parens Patrie to abduct children from nurturing homes.

B) Dr. Steven Silverman reportedly conducts evaluations routinely outside of the parameters of ethical conduct, and in violation of the code of professional conduct which governs his license to practice in the field of Psychology.

C) Dr Steven Silverman has routinely verbally harassed, degraded, interrogated, screamed at, threatened, slandered and defamed the character of individuals during the course of evaluations through use of coercion and deception, both about himself and about patients during and after evaluations conducted at the behest of the Department of Social Services Child Protective and Preventive Units.

D) Dr Steven Silverman has knowingly and willfully falsified court documents and psychological evaluation reports in collusion with the Schoharie County Department of Social Services and affiliated Child Protective and Preventive Agencies to unscrupulously abduct children under the color of law.

E) Dr. Steven Silverman has actively impeded a patient’s ability to obtain the mental health care the patient allegedly needs, per Dr. Silverman’s own recommendation. His blatant refusal to release his report in full to the patient’s clinician _________ is in direct defiance of the order of the Hon. Judge Bartlett the III in a session of the Schoharie County Family Court____________

F) Dr. Steven Silverman has abused his license to practice to destroy and eviscerate countless families through means of Perjury, falsified reports, and refusal to cooperate with service providers to facilitate the care needed by those who verifiably require it during the last 20 years under the Department’s protection of employment.

Why is this important?

This is important because Dr. Silverman is a fugitive renegade who is a menace to society. meaning simply this: the Department of Social Services sees problems where there arent any, and consequently destroys families needlessly. This is the time to have your story heard! Speak up!

How it will be delivered

When we have at least 300 signatures, I will deliver this petition to Susan Mallery, our local District Attorney, for review and revision, in preperation for a potential class action lawsuit on behalf of the families of Schoharie and Otsego County. Dont forget to sign our petition to stop DSS corruption!


2021-06-12 23:46:35 -0400

So, according to the legal assistant of the DA, Ms Susan Mallory, her employment contract prohibits her from pursuing a lawsuit against the county, or even referring us to another legal party. However, I spoke with Chasity Pounce in the Regional Office of Family and Children Services, and she suggested that we take our plea to a different counties District Attorney. I say lets try more than one, how about we send it to all surrounding counties DA's and see what happens! Im having a paralegal volunteering her time in our organization Wings of Mercy Parent Advocacy to get it courtroom approved, will post updates soon!

2021-05-13 10:39:46 -0400

10 signatures reached