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To: The owners of our companies

Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers King County

Hazard Pay for Grocery Workers King County

We as grocery workers work day in and day out. Not knowing if we are bringing home this deadly disease to our families. I am asking each and every one of you to take a stance.

Let's be united and fight for what we deserve! Let's be honest for a second our hero bonus and thank you bonus went right back into the owners of the companies pockets.

If Seattle, Burien, Des Moines and Unincorporated King County can have hazard pay why not all of king county!

Many of us have health issues or families with health issues. We do NOT know what we are taking home everyday.

So please Let's fight for what we deserve Let's fight and demand the respect and dignity, that others are getting


Why is this important?

Because everyday that we leave work we do not know if that is the day we are bringing this deadly disease. We do not know if it is going to kill us or one of our family members. We are tired we get cussed at daily because we are out of a product. Some of my fellow workers are going to loose their homes because they do not have enough money to cover rent because they are having to pay for child care because our children are not in school. We need help so please pass this around so we can take this back to the city council

Thanks for your time please share


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