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To: Florida Legislature

Increase Mental Health Benefits for Medicare Recipients

With the Mental Health Crisis rising at an alarming rate in America, there is no better time than right now to demand change, increase resources, and expand prevention programs for those battling behavioral health issues. Statistics have shown that mental health illnesses are more likely to strike indigenous and economically underprivileged communities than any other demographic in America. In 2024, accessible mental health resources are paramount to the general public and we must demand increased funding for recipients of Medicare who are seeking treatment from mental health care professionals. Medicare (which is provided by the Social Security Administration and funded by Taxpayers- FICA Tax) only covers partial treatment and diagnostic tests and I believe this is hardly a long-lasting or effective solution to one of the most detrimental causes in our nation. We need to answer the call to action and increase benefits for recipients who are unable to afford necessary services such as psychotherapy, cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, holistic medication, behavioral medication, etc.

Why is this important?

 With 2.9% of every company's earnings contributing to the SSA, I am urging the decision-makers to consider the welfare of such a diverse community of citizens who are so in need of a hope to hold on to. By making one small step for man, we can rest assured that addressing this issue head-on is the most important leap for mankind during this prevailing crisis. By increasing policies to aid the crisis itself, I believe that taking action will create a domino effect in which others will want to be apart of. It is not too late to make a difference, sign this petition to propel this initiative forward and enact change in our country today. 

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