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To: Both Houses of Congress

Request additional financial assistance for families who lost their jobs by no fault of their own

We request additional financial assistance for families that lost their jobs by no fault of their own; both parties are dragging their feet in approving funding to help families with essential needs.

Increase minimum wages for Latinxs and other minority employees in the leisure and hospitality industries, not to the owners of corporations or large franchises!

While large franchises have received tens of millions of dollars in PPP and EIDL Loans, the employees are still making a miserable minimum wage.

Why is this important?

Since the pandemic began, 69 million people are facing poverty, hunger and despair, a situation that could have been prevented such as other countries did. You might be one of them, lost your job, or you are facing eviction, or simply do not know how to feed and sustain your family. Moreover, many people have lost their health insurance due to the loss of jobs.

According to Reuters, the largest increases of jobs shed were seen among Asians and Latinos. Both whites and African Americans saw their rates rise at the same pace as the national rate, although the unemployment rate now for blacks - at 6.7% - is 65% higher than for whites at 4%.

The leisure and hospitality sector -a sector where many Hispanics work- shed 459,000 jobs - 65% of all the positions lost in March. The largest share of that came at restaurants and bars, which slashed 417,000 jobs.

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