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To: New York City Department Of Education

Increased Education on Race, Prejudice, and Privilege in schools

Increased Education on Race, Prejudice, and Privilege in schools

Requests you sign a petition for schools and universities to concentrate on education for racism reduction.Revise and revamp educational material on race, prejudice, and privilege.

Why is this important?

The African diaspora is an essential part of the curriculum in school . It allows kids to express themselves and discuss critical themes such as racism and a variety of other difficulties. Suny African diaspora educates children on vital issues in such a way that pupils learn and grow as individuals, as well as educate themselves and the rest of the world so that history doesn't repeat itself .Students must also be educated and informed about racism, prejudice, and privilege. To do this, we suggest that schools should integrate racial problems education into academic curricula, provide online training modules on racial prejudice, and improve the diversity education provided in orientation materials. To demonstrate that we support the African-American community, particularly in light of the racial injustices that have happened across the country during this period of civil unrest.


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