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To: Platform Couriers

Mandatory Guaranteed $15/hr

$15/hr guaranteed and mandatory while delivering on a rideshare or courier service platform. Mandatory $5 minimum paid to food delivery drivers for each delivery made, before customer's tip.

Why is this important?

We go through a lot to pickup and drop off orders. There are examples of health issues caused due to long periods of driving to the deliver food to customers in order to make a decent hourly wage. $3 per delivery is slaves wages and should be a crime.
We demand $5 minimum per delivery before customers tip.
We demand $15/hr while on the app with a 50% acceptance rate.
If 8 hours are spent on the platform, you should make a minimum of $15/hr.
Anything other should be a crime. (GoPuff guarantees a $14 hourly pay if you do not make at least $14 an hour from deliveries).


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Homeless Due to rideshare