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To: Chairman Morris W Offit, Board of Directors of the Museum of the American Revolution, and Marriott

Museum of the American Revolution & Marriott: Don’t host Moms for Liberty!

This weekend, the Museum of the American Revolution and the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown Hotel are hosting Moms for Liberty's national convention. Moms for Liberty—the right-wing extremist group and "power player in GOP politics"—has run a coordinated and orchestrated attack on our youth and teachers across the United States.

They promote school board candidates who bully LGBTQ+ students (especially trans and nonbinary students) urge censoring discussions of race and American history in public schools, lead book ban campaigns, harass educators, and more. It is completely unacceptable for the Museum of the American Revolution and Marriott to associate themselves with a hate group.

The Museum of the American Revolution and Marriott MUST NOT host Moms for Liberty this weekend!

Why is this important?

Moms for Liberty's national convention will bring hundreds of dangerous extremists to Philadelphia and feature right-wing politicians who are a threat to our democracy, including Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

The Museum of the American Revolution should never have agreed to host the Moms for Liberty national convention welcome reception. Employees and patrons of the museum agree and have called on the museum to cancel, with over a third of staff signing an internal petition against hosting.

The rest of the convention will take place at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown hotel. And unfortunately, this isn't Marriott's first go at enabling Moms for Liberty—they also hosted their convention last year in Tampa, Florida.

Our freedom to learn—and to make decisions about what our students and children can learn—is being stripped away by concerted attacks from right-wing parents like Moms for Liberty and Republican legislators dead set on politicizing our schools.

It’s no surprise that Moms for Liberty targets LGBTQ+ books and books about race and racial diversity. It's the right wing's latest tactic designed to eradicate conversations students have in the classroom around genocide, white supremacy, gender, and sexuality.

The Museum of the American Revolution and Marriott must do the right thing and refuse to host Moms for Liberty.



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