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To: Valparaiso City Commissioners

New Chicken Ordinance

This petition is to encourage and achieve a change to Valparaiso city code or to establish a new city ordinance that will permit residents of a single-family dwellings to have up to six chickens (hens only) in their backyards.

Initial portion of City code to be amended would be chapter 10, article 1, section 10-15. (Additionally there are other sections that may need changes in language.)

Why is this important?

In these challenging economic times citizens are needing alternative ways to keep food costs lower. Especially citizens on fixed incomes like our retired veterans, widows, single parents, and families with multiple children. Local grocery stores are beginning to run low or run out of eggs intermittently. Even when eggs are available the price is constantly rising and is much more expensive than usual. Furthermore, certain types of eggs have not been available readily or for a reasonable price over the last several months. This is not just a local issue. This is also nationwide problem with no immediate long term solution in sight.

Several other neighboring cities and towns have already achieved this because they are also concerned for their residents and desire to help be part of the solution.

Cities and towns such as Fort Walton Beach, Crestview, Mary Esther, and Destin all permit their residents to have chickens. (Please see attached pages with links to more recent local news briefings and changes to city codes, as well as a copy of the official flyer for the city of Fort Walton Beach and their more recently established Chicken Ordinance.

We are asking local Valparaiso residents to sign this petition in support of this initiative.

We are also asking our local City Commissioners and other officials to take this matter seriously and thereby demonstrate their concern for our town and its residents by helping to achieve this change and improvement for the community of Valparaiso.



2024-02-19 03:33:21 -0500

Okay folks I'm going to try to make this short and sweet.

(I've been out of state for a couple of months because of my father's passing.. but returned during the holidays)

We fought hard and there is going to be a non-binding resolution on the ballot next month in March!

This means we need to get people to the polls to vote!!

From the way I understand the wording everyone that wants chickens would need to vote Yes!

Please spread the word and encourage your friends and neighbors to get registered to vote if they have not yet done so.

If they are already registered to vote please do all you can to encourage them to get to the polls and cast their ballot!

This is a non-partisan isue

Vote Yes!

2023-04-14 20:13:40 -0400

There has been a lot going on please check your emails as we just sent something out.

The Facebook group page is the best way to stay completely up-to-date the link is below.

We are still gaining traction daily and have a very good chance of getting this passed eventually!

VIP!! We need every single one of you and your friends and neighbors at the May 8th meeting at 6:00 p.m.

465 Valparaiso Parkway in the commission Chambers next to the library!

Some of us will be wearing the t-shirts others will have signs!!

2023-03-20 03:02:46 -0400

2023-03-10 12:59:24 -0500

The Agenda for upcoming City Commissioners meeting on Monday March 13th at 6:00 p.m. was posted yesterday afternoon.

We are officially on the agenda and the third item down.

We need all Valparaiso residents that are interested in having chickens in their backyards to attend!!

465 Valparaiso Parkway in the city commission chambers that are connected to the library!

Please come and bring a friend!

2023-02-15 14:52:27 -0500

100 signatures reached

2023-02-14 10:10:57 -0500

Valparaiso City Commissioners meeting was last night on 2/13/ 2023

This place only limits to 1,000 characters so not enough to post what I had written to send out to update folks.

I have attempted to send email to all of y'all who have signed who subscribed.

Video link of my speaking at meeting is above.

Overall it went much better than expected but we still have work to do for the next few months to get this accomplished!

Definitely need more local citizens to attend the next couple of meetings!!
((This is of vital importance!!))

Thank you so much to all the residents of Valparaiso who have signed and especially for those who came out for the meeting!

Please let's keep the momentum going and not lose steam!

2023-02-14 09:44:56 -0500

🐔🐔🐔 Hello All! Updating you on the result of the FIRST meeting putting forth the New Chicken Ordinance initiative ! 🐔🐔🐔

Valparaiso City Commissioners meeting February 13th 2023.

((Overall it went much better than expected and I would love to put more details on the full post here but this site only allows up to 1,000 characters))

2023-02-11 12:08:39 -0500

50 signatures reached

2023-02-08 13:00:38 -0500

25 signatures reached

2023-02-07 20:05:45 -0500

10 signatures reached