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To: Chase Bank-Jamie Diamond

No Chase overdraft fees during coronavirus pandemic

No Chase overdraft fees during coronavirus pandemic

JPMorgan Chase must suspend charging any and all overdraft fees during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Why is this important?

Our country and our communities are feeling the economic impact of the coronavirus in the most devastating ways. My family is feeling it as well. I recently overdrew my account due to extra expenses for preparing for my state's "stay at home" order and having just started a new job. Instead of providing relief during this time, Chase charged two overdraft fees for a total of sixty eight dollars.

In this time of unprecedented crisis, JP Morgan Chase bank must do their part to ease the financial strain of this pandemic for their customers. They were bailed out in 2008 and again will inevitably reap the reward of the two trillion dollar stimulus package which favors banks and large corporations.

The deep economic impact of the COVID-19 coronavirus is just beginning, and we cannot make middle-class and lower-class consumers bear the burden. Ten million people have filed for unemployment in the last two weeks, and we not even through the worst of this global pandemic, let alone the profound longterm economic impact.

There is no recourse for consumers, however, as they try to get through this economic turmoil and global pandemic and provide for their families. It's unacceptable that JPMorgan Chase continue to make money off the backs of those that are struggling to make their rent, pay their utilities, and purchase groceries for their loved ones.

Reasons for signing

  • It's the people who need help in these hard times, NOT big companies and corporatins.
  • I have paid over $1300 in bank fees over that last year... To keep the lights on, to keep food in the pantry, to buy TOILET PAPER when it was available... Money I could have used more than a giant financial corporation. I have been with chase for years, but for them to feed off of customers through bank fees - YIKES
  • Banks are charging $38 overdraft fees while we are in a world pandemic is crazy , banks Make enough money all the fees they charge people If it was up to me I’d take all my money out of bank I would never use the bank again and I hope everybody else grease


2020-10-21 22:54:24 -0400

Hi all of my fellow citizens who have signed my petition. A while back MoveOn reached out to me to do a video for our cause. Of course like all of you life was chaotic, uncertain with no hope of help from the Federal Government as we move into the fall/winter and the continuing surge of Coronavirus cases. In the last two weeks I was again forced to overdraw my account to cover expenses in between paychecks. Since March Chase has taken close to $600 in fees. I remember a time when an overdraft fee was $10.00-yes I am a bit older. Now at $34.00 per item it is egregious and immoral what Chase charges. Please stay with this petition, continue to share it with your friends, family and colleagues. I believe in the power of the people, this is the core of our Democracy and justice and truth will prevail. I will post a video via MoveOn over the weekend. With much love and solidarity-Wendy

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